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tv gets the converstion started weekdays 9am eastern. >> i'm a slutty bob hope. >> you are. >> the troops love me. the sweatshirt is nice and all but i could use a golden lasso. (vo) only on current tv. ♪ >> hal: so welcome back to the "stephanie miller show." i'm hal sparks filling in. and of course jacki schechner with us. and we're in day two. it's shameless plug time this weekend, sunday night i am doing a show out of a comedy club called flappers here which is on internet, and you can watch it and not only buy a ticket to the show and see it live. it is only live just like if you bought a ticket to see it at a comedy club. >> what time is it? >> hal: 7:00. >> bile asleep. >> hal: yes. you'll be asleep. but i'm giving a couple of other cometics i know and love a platform. so if you like a joke you tip them. and it's a great way for them -- comics who can't quite get out on the road and start touring yet -- >> what is the website? >> hal: it's called you can go to, and get it to. it's out of flappers here in burb
minister. hal: baghdad bob. caller: this is a guy who said the americans are consulting themselves outside the city, no one's coming here and there's two tanks standing behind him across the river no he had some really good ones. you can find them kind of listed everywhere. there are no american infidels in baghdad. never. hal: it's called alternative reality. they can all pretend things aren't the way they are and create slogans like that never happened. caller: i love that guy. i think someday was selling pictures of him on that tee shirts and aprons now. hal: absolutely. my feeling as usual, we will slaughter them all. i love the as usual part of that particular quote. my feelings as usual are our initial assessment is that they will all die. caller: by thursday. hal: surrender! it was really like it makes what's his name, the ventriloquist with the dead parrot puppettism jeff dunham. hal: make his lines sound written. caller: he was awful. hal: oops, i lost you there. good one for that. i also want to go to scott. we actually have a quote to go with this one. you know, let's get him up
. ♪ >> hal: see what i mean. here is jacki, now she's bobbing her head. [ laughter ] >> hal: you can say what you will about metal but there is something -- listen for the warmth of a distorted guitar. we got to take calls, i don't want to get off on a tangent. but the guy who did stuff about water crystals -- [ overlapping speakers ] >> he missed it. >> hal: i know as my nature i'm so pushy in general -- the guy who did the water crystals where he wrote the words love on them and used loving thoughts and then put them under an electron microscope and they looked at how water crystals froze, and they were all beautiful. when they tried metal they looked like the beautiful diamond formations but they are all shook up. and i would say what that actually means is -- and this is why a lot of hard music is used by people in political movements especially on the left because it shakes up the status quo, it literally does that to your system, and then it is way more inviting on the other side than you think. anyway let's take calls. let's go to laurie in new mexico. >> c
's go to bob in illinois. >> caller: hey, listen i'm a progressive. i'm also jewish, i live in scoki, illinois. >> hal: there are other jews there, i have heard. >> caller: oh, yeah. i'm progressive here in the states. when it becomes to israel i'm probably a little bit more on the right. here is the reality. you know how we see there is really nobody to negotiate with in the congress. >> hal: uh-huh. >> caller: unfortunately you have the situation with the palestinians, you have hamas, which is dead set against doing anything with israel and you have fatau, which has its hands tied. let me ask you a question hal, realistically. if you want to stop the israelis from continuing to build settlements, wouldn't you sit down and start to negotiate? because the settlements would probably stop once the negotiations get really serious? >> hal: there have been several times where israel has made an agreement specifically about not moving forward with settlements, and then has continued to move forward with settlements even after -- you know -- like that was the decision.
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4